Create Unlimited Leads for Your Business with "Holy Grail" of Free, On-Demand Traffic!

You'll discover it all - the exact system to get nearly endless amounts of traffic and leads, how to convert that traffic into $10k/month profits and more, plus how to leverage TikTok even if you're camera shy or don't know what to say!

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TikTok Traffic Masterclass

Module 1

Module 1: Discover Your $100,000 Audience

Pinpoint the exact niche that is right for you and has viewers with money burning holes in their pockets, practically begging for you to put a product in front of them, stuffing your pockets with big fat commissions.

Module 2

Module 2: How To Gain Instant Influence

Discover how to tap into credibility triggers to get your audience to buy from you, even if they've never heard of you before.

Module 3

Module 3: The Effortless Formula For Recording Videos

Copy time-tested proven scripts to create bingeworthy videos in just minutes per day, stealing my "one line at a time" method.​ By the end of this session you will position yourself to start making money.

Module 4

Module 4: Easy Hacks For Your Videos To Stand Out

Ridiculously simple tweaks that give you the edge on TikTok. These are the best practices that take seconds to complete but can make a difference of multiple commas in your bank account.

Module 5

Module 5: Never-Ending Content Ideas

Effortlessly know what topic and content to talk about whenever it's time to shoot a money making video.​Hint: repurpose existing content in ethical ways

Module 6

Module 6: The Zero Cost Startup

Start with nothing more than your phone. No studio required. (For example, I've made my first $100k with nothing but my phone)!​ Want to add some juice? Simple, cost effective upgrades with a tiny budget to make your videos sizzle even more.

Module 7

Module 7: Unleashing The Payday Waterfall

The viral video framework that turns your commission stream into a full blown dam break.​ How to set yourself up for bigger paydays by properly timing the floodgates.

When You Join Today, You Will Also Get These Special Bonuses!

Bonus 01

Attention On-Demand Cheat Sheet

One hundred tried and tested opening lines that demand viewers stop and pay attention!

Want to know how to start a video? Just grab one of these headlines and you're off to the races! !

Bonus 02

Ready-to-Shoot Content Ideas

Create content without lifting a finger.

Reusable video templates that apply to any niche, at any time, to build your know, like and trust factor.

Bonus 03

Hacking TikTok Duets for Profit

Duets allow you to share someone else's video with your own spin on it.

Discover how to ethically hack other people's viral videos to siphon a flood of traffic to your profit pulling videos.

Bonus 04

"Only If You Insist" Live Feature

Going live on TikTok is absolutely unnecessary to your success...but...

If you insist on going live, I want you to do it right. This bonus will show you the exact steps how to go live in an easy and profitable way.

Bonus 05

Members Only Community

You don't have to go it alone! Join your fellow students in a like-minded community where you will receive the support, encouragement and feedback to smash your income goals!

Bonus 06

Beyond TikTok

Discover how to use your TikTok momentum to propel yourself to even bigger profits and paydays on other social media platforms.

Bonus 07

Get Every Question Answered

Got a Tiktok question? Join one of our 7 weekly Q&A sessions.​ Spend an hour live with me every week as I answer every TikTok question, big or small.

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